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Friday, April 07, 2006

New PlayStation.com

The project I've been working on for many months has finally gone live : the new PlayStation.com. The project was built in house at SCEE - I did the initial prototyping concept work with the IA's here and built the final flash front-end. Its been a *massive* project from start to finish - mainly because of all the different systems being brought together and the huge amount of content (thousands of game records and tens of thousands of stories, multiplied by 22 locales!) but its great to see it finally live. The main aim was to give the site a fresh look in keeping with the current PlayStation branding and really open up the content. Use of pagination and expansion/contaction gives the user flexibility in their browsing and by maintaining all PS2 game record metadata in memory, we were able to add features such as the game finder. I'll try and do a more in-depth post-mortem soon.


At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

Good work mate, very impressed. If it was up to me I'd give you a pay rise!


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