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Monday, April 03, 2006

Changed my mind, time to switch

Well I've changed my mind. Got about 80% of the way with getting rendering up and running from a collada source, with lighting and texturing (and it was an interesting learning process) and started questioning my own intentions for what I was doing. It was taking up a lot of my time to write rendering code, and made me realise that I'm just not that interested in creating that sort of thing. As a result I've swapped over to OGRE. My main concerns about the switch were the art pipeline from maya. I expected things to get a bit screwed, especially with characters, but after only about 5 hours work from first compiling an ogre program, I've now got almost everything working *exactly* how I wanted it to. This engine is all I was looking for in a package... theres so much support for different graphic techniques and so much of it is defined in scripts, removing the need for recompilation. Some testimonies here .


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