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Monday, March 20, 2006

I know this... its a UNIX system

Theres an interesting (but ultimately rubbish) example of someones personal vision of the future of operating system interfaces available for download (and indeed purchase) at tactile3d.com. Imagine someone watching Jurassic park, Enemy of the state, Hackers, The lawnmower man or most likely TRON, and then thinking that it was an outrage that these elegant interfaces had not yet been birthed and that the only option was to make this happen themself.

Well thats what we have here. Some of it is intriguing, such as the depiction of nested folders, but its an absolute pig to use. Using a 3d grid for displaying files, where all the ones in the centre are completely unaccessible is a plain unworkable idea. Its interesting for visualisation purposes, perhaps, to see what your file system looks like, but it doesn't even convey that well, as you dont have much scope beyond the current folder you are looking at. Still might be interesting to watch it progress, but theres no way I'm forking out 20 quid for it!


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