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Monday, December 19, 2005

Toshio Iwai Will Photoshop your Eyes

Definitely one of the best news/blog sites I've come across, We Make Money Not Art has more converage of the Digital Arts Festival Tokyo from last week. Among the coverage is a short write up of Toshio Iwai's latest work, Morphovision, a new work exploring his theme of warping reality.

This latest installation gives the user the experience of his vision being warped, not through the use of a screen, but directly affecting a real object he's looking at. This is done by apparently rapidly spinning an object and altering the timing and pattern of light hitting the object. As the light hitting the eyes is slightly delayed when reflected off certain parts of the model, different parts appear at slightly different rotatations, making the model appear melty and soft. Genius.

Follow this Link to a Japanese description.


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