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Monday, November 14, 2005

For a few good splines

Since first playing around with curveTo in Flash 6 and doing the first few Maya NURBS tutorials, I've wanted to have a better understanding of Splines and all things curvy. Heres a horribly complicated explanation that I've not bothered reading, but hey it was one of the first google links when i was looking for a nice spline picture.

Theres a project I'm having a play with in my spare time for which I'm trying to create some bezier terrain surfaces, and the only resources I could find were a few years old. Digging deeper has turned up some interesting bits and pieces tho, and heres a few links for that I found pretty useful. OpenGLs own functions seem pretty useless as you cant get access to the vertex data.

Dynamic Level of Detail Terrrain Rendering with Bezier Patches by Mike Rayner, one of the programmers from the SSX series (currently having a play on PSP right now btw, not a bad title). With most 3d packages being able to edit and create NURBS surfaces. This is very applicable. I'm hoping using beziers might be a good way to procedurally generate interesting shapes and things with a complexity without a lot of work for each creation. but only playing will tell :)

Bezier Curved surfaces. Student work, but includes source for generation of bezier surfaces.

Graphics Gems Repository. Download all the source code for the graphics gems series examples. Gems V, example 4-8 has exactly what I was looking for.... a routine for generating a 3d bezier curve from an unlimted number of control points.


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