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Friday, October 28, 2005

Rapid prototyping

The guys from the Experimental Gameplay Project have a write up of their experiences at gamasutra here. Part of a course at Carnegie Mellon University, the challenge they were set (or set themselves?) was for each of them (there were 4 in total) to create a brand new game every week, including all art/sound/coding. Often based around a single theme (such as vegetation, gravity), they found that the restrictions they set themselves fueled their creativity.

Theres some cracking games there, and much of their philosophy echoes that of IDEO's approach to prototyping (read about it in their book "The Art of Innovation"), particularly the importance of embracing failure and being able to let go of things that you've worked on rather than try to force them to completion. Also interesting was their mention of how their collaboration methods, formation of ideas and the value of brainstorms.


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