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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A few good books

Heres a few books I've picked up over the last couple of weeks. All are highly recommended:

Deep Simplicity

Great book covering complexity/chaos theory, both in terms of the history of its invention/discovery as well as a very accessible explanation of the maths and concepts involved. This is something I missed out on at school/uni, so its good to get a proper understanding. Main reasons for buying it were to think about possible applications for AI and procedural art.

Pictures and Words

With a lot of recent dicussions circulating the web discussing the problems involved with striving for photorealism, and the lack of adventure being demonstrated in looking at alternative game aesthetics (such abstraction and symbolic representation), this book does provide a variety of examples of alternatives. Mainly geared towards artists using comic art/illustration to make a point, it provides a number of entertaining examples, including David Shrigley, Mr Clement and more.

Illustration Now!

A much more comprehensive selection of illustrators and styles, this book effectively acts as a catalogue, showcasing a huge amount of talent (and providing contact details for all those on show). Great for picking up and flicking through, looking for inspiration.


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