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Monday, September 26, 2005


Been having a think (following up from a previous post) about the kind of systems that are in place in interactive pieces (from games, toys, tools, educational lessons, er....). Thought I might have a play listing as many as possible (to expand on further) as it might provoke a few ideas. Hopefully theres a few systems that havent been explored that might lead to some form of innovation. I guess they all have to be systems that allow for some form of conflict.

So, without further ado.... a list of systems and simulations

Logic - Sudoku
Physics - Half life 2, Scorched Earth, any Golf game
Sports - could this be a special case?
Verbal - Word search, crossword
Urban simulation - Sim City
Personality - The sims
Social groups (small scale) - Friendships, bridge clubs etc - err DOA beach volleyball?
Social groups (medium scale) - Local and national organisations, interest groups
Social groups (large scale) - Politcal organisations, international organisations
Business and economics
Dating - numerous pervy japanese titles
Battle (small scale) - SFII, Most beat em ups
Battle (medium scale) - Most tactical titles, squad based titles
Battle (large scale) - RTS, Epic war-games
Weather systems - wow. be in control of air pressure... create sunny weather, hurricanes, cyclones etc
Gardens - now we're talking! recreate the blue peter garden, fill the bird feeders... how relaxing
Animals - Cross-species competition, breeding etc
Evolution - wasnt this done somewhere?
Creative success? - reputation as viewed by critics of your work?
Teaching, mentor/student relationship
Fire - how it spreads
Mixing of liquids
Resource collection of animals - Bees pollination


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