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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Saw Sin City this afternoon (totally loved it) and it got me thinking a bit about the relationship between style, maturity of form, target audience and marketing. david jaffe had a bit of a discussion about the need for style to involve an audience on his blog recently, but how far can you deviate from the current standard expectations of game graphical style and still be able to sell in any quantities? i guess theres a few style/setting/presentation types that have an established audience (modern photorealism, whimsical fantasy, dark science fiction, exaggerated cartoon), but if someone was to release a game that goes as far stylistically as sin city, would people leave it alone on the shelf? im guessing the relatively poor success rate for rez, killer 7, and XIII do suggest that they're harder to sell. could this because of a lack of an establishment for critical analysis of games? im looking forward to seeing how well everyone loves katamari damacy sells in europe. PLEASE let them back it up with a decent marketing campaign.


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