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Sunday, September 04, 2005

More books and pieces

Been reading through a few more books for general inspiration and interest. I'd definitely recommend Burton on Burton, covering (obviously) tim burtons career up to sleepy hollow, it takes the form of an extended interview, split into different films or sections of his career. highlights are definitely coverage of his work on edward scissorhands, his early work at disney and working on vincent (his first short and wonderfully personal), the pee-wee herman film (no idea this was burton!) and his general attitude to working and the role of creator in general. If anything it has reassured me that a high level of drawing skill is no essential to convey character, idea or even mood. it seems just enough skill to express yourself is required, not photorealism. that said, burtons drawings are very very charming.

Also picked up the Art of howls moving castle (stunning as always).


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