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Sunday, September 04, 2005


I've just finished watching the first series of lost. and i can honestly say that i despise it. i have never felt so utterly cheated by a tv series in all my life, its SHIT. what portrays itself as an intriguing mystery suspense series with supernatural flavours (ala twin peaks) is nothing more than a collection of badly written tv minidramas about a bunch of whinging self-obsessed totally unlikable 2-dimensional losers (with the exception of charlie), sewn together into a soap opera, dragging the audience along like a stubborn puppy, with the promise of something interesting happening THAT NEVER DOES. even the season finale shows nothing of any interest. you CANT make series like that! you arouse the interest of the audience by portraying it as one genre, while feeding them a bad example of a genre they are less likely to be fans of.

i think charlie brooker summed it up best.


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