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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Was playing rez through again the other day, looking for inspiration on how to do abstract environments and visuals tastefully (or perhaps looking for ideas to steal), and thought it might be time to join the kandinsky name-checking mass of game designers and follow up on the ending tag-line ("dedicated to the creative soul of kandiksy"). Not really paid much eye-time to the guy before but was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of similarities between the work in this rather tasty portfolio and the work of
scottish eduardo paolozzi, whose "turing series" work i fell in love with at the tate modern. (also tagentially tried to follow up on wittgenstein, another inspiration for paolozzi work). anyway, the real attraction for me was the fact that the paintings to seem to take representational form of behavioural and dynamic systems (things like physics engines, character animation etc). there seems to be a direct link in my head somewhere between what he painted and the way that certain things behave. so whacked a few on the wall to stare at when my mind has turned to dirge.

also came across the rather nice fort90 blog, and while there looking for information on den-sen (a game seemingly about a girl flying round the power cables of japan on a coat hanger doing god-knows-what), apparently one of prince of game design keita takahashi's favourite games, despite having never been released) i came across these early prototype videos of k-project (that evolved into rez...k stands for kandinksy). anyway ive mirrored them here to deliberately flaunt copyright.

k-project prototype 1

k-project prototype 2

k-project prototype 3


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