Games and Interaction design

Sunday, August 07, 2005

More Toshio Iwai

Another collaboration for Mr Iwai, this time with Yamaha, continuing with his themes of easy to learn musical interfaces and the synaesthetic principles of combining light and sound. Theres a bit more info on his siggraph session here.


Finally wrapped up reading Story by Robert McKee (as mentioned earlier). Great book. made me feel utterly clueless to any notion of what story is, and how stories are crafted, as well as things that seem so obvious now (such as the nature of the inspiration for writing dramatic fiction versus comic fiction). i did find it hard work, but i guess thats always the way when reading about something you know so little about, but do now feel that i have at least a basic understanding of the form, which will help no end in looking at how narrative can feed into interactive systems. the main message that really made an impression is that the common ground between games and story is conflict and quite how central it is to both.