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Friday, July 15, 2005

Seriously slack. some books to read:

What a hectic month. sadly no updates, but i've been up to a lot. Went to Malta on the SCEE company conference for four days of heavy drinking and a lot of early starts for sessions (and some real good sessions there were). Brass bands, fire jugglers, catamarans and phil harrison covered in plastic ducks were among the highlights (plus the unbelievable PS3 footage). This was followed for Kate's sis' fiance's stag do in budapest (more boozing, 4 airports in 24 hours was a real pain), and finally in the hot, expensive and surreal barbados for a mate's wedding. phew. anyway back in the uk, and ready to learn a lot more after a number of different points of inspiration.
Anyway, heres a few books ive been reading. Discovered Tom Robbins, now added as a one of my new authors to obsess about. Over the past month I've read a couple of his books, Another Roadside Attraction - a jungle king, his clairvoyant wife, a maverick genius and the baboon king steal the body of jesus and start a roadside zoo. its awesome. and also Fierce invalids home from hot climates - a CIA agent buddhist genius with a mind of his own is trapped in a wheelchair in supernatural circumstances and attempts to piece together the spiritual future of humanity. prose without compare, its well worth a read.
Also picked up the da vinci code and i thought id write a bit about the possibilities of adapting it as a game based upon the story structure and the events that happen within. ive made a few notes so i'll try and get them posted soon.


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