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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Just been playing the fahrenheit demo (available as a torrent from eurogamer here. Its a very fresh experience. As well as being a highly polished title, theres a number of really unique aspects in its design. Seemingly billed as an interactive narrative, the game is presents you almost as the director/storyteller, and is self-aware (the director introduces the game himself at the beginning). It throws you right in at the deepend. You've just commited a murder while in a trance produced by an unknown antagonist and have to clean up and get out of there as soon as possible. Plays like an adventure game but a little higher paced. Every scene can pan out in a number of different ways depending on your actions, and the use of split screen really adds to the pressure as you have to react and make decisions in a limited time. Its borrowed heavily from film, in terms of cinematography, writing, style and the wonderful music from Angelo Bandalamenti (of twin peaks and most lynch music fame). Significantly, it is truly engaging on an emotional level. Perhaps not as much as if it had been a film but impressive nonetheless


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