Games and Interaction design

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sad news from Oddworld

After the stunning strangers wrath, it is a sad thing to see oddworld inhabitants leaving the games industry. such a unique creative force is rare and it is a true shame that lorne lanning feels that there is no room for companies of this nature to propser within the industry. more discussion from numerous corners does suggest a fragmentation of the games industry into different strands, from real casual gaming ala nintendogs, singstar etc through to indie gaming ala katamari, through to the blockbuster event titles like halo 2.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Character and world creation

Couple of nice writeups from DICE by gamespy. Tim Schaefer (creator of day of the tentacle, full throttle, grim fandango) talking about taking risks and how he creates worls. Plus the legendary Stan Lee on character creation.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Learning to draw

Been attending life drawing classes at Sony, but my drawing skills are so dreadful (especially compared to the amazing abilities of the full-time artists working in london studio) that i've been trying to improve in my spare time a bit.
A book called Drawing on the right side of the brain has been useful in giving me a really basic understanding of the elements of drawing, ways to think about edges, shading, proportion, negative space.
I've also come across a number of different resources online that have been excellent. Save Loomis is a site dedicated to preserving the art teaching resources from the 40's written by Andrew Loomis. Some of them are really fantastic and you can download them in pdf form or browse online. Secondly Conceptarg.org is a real inspiration, showing how vivid and varied the imaginations of concept artists can be.