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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rediscovering Toshio Iwai

Isnt it great when one small link leads to massive amounts of inspiring content? A long while ago (several years), I came across Toshio Iwai, a media artist who specialises in creating works combining interactivity, sound and light. His work is simply stunning, so fresh and original and since then I've greatly admired him. A couple of things have brought me back to the same path. One is this lecture posted at video fenky in which miyamoto talks about his interest in iwai's work and how he would like to work with him. Most recently though, it was electroplankton, a new ds title conceived by iwai featuring a number of different sound toys, continuing his exploration from previous work such as music insects and simtunes. make sure you check out the 4th section of the site, item 3 which has a lot of videos of his previous work.
this let me to the discovery of otocky, a game iwai made for the famicom disk system in 1987 with an enormously fun and tactile sound creating interaction model. been playing for a couple of hours now. WELL worth tracking down :)
that led to this guys thesis
that led to the discovery of this amazing selection of links and resources.
and all of that has inspired me beyond belief. next project... a sound toy!


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