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Sunday, February 20, 2005

voodoo ray updates

did a few updates to voodoo ray today, nearly finished all the major objects for the game, with some bugs to fix in the multiway lightbeam, the rotating mirror and the 45 degree block to go. got the camera class working a bit better so its got a more interesting 3/4 perspective, giving you a much greater feel of space and a chance to add more character. theres now an screenshot of the new opengl version in the voodoo ray area. other than that, been playing through beyond good and evil, a game i picked up aages ago but put aside for san andreas. one really nice touch ive just got to is a small section where you have to enter a race as usual, but you are told theres a secret passage which will get you to one of the next key game locations, so theres a nice re-use of structures in a way ive not seen before.


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