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Monday, January 31, 2005

i have no willpower

my willpower being so weak, ive ordered (and finally taken delivery) of a sony psp, now that lik-sang have it under the 200 mark. it is simply stunning. pictures dont do it justice. ive picked up ridge racers and lumines and so far im dead happy with it. ridge racers is perfect for showing it off, and you forget while playing that its a hand-held youre using. pretty much same old ridge racer when it comes down to it but boy does it look slick. lumines is the complete opposite. nothing that impressive visually but feels so fresh. although part of the shifting and arranging block family (its closest relative is probably puyo puyo), the concept of a clearing bar makes timing far more important in your moves and helps it tie in nicely with tempo and the music it uses. not tried music, photos or video yet (need a compatible usb cable), but so far its a very satisfying piece of kit.


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