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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Finally finished San Andreas yesterday

What an amazing game. Truly breathtaking. Of course there were moments of ridiculous frustration, and there were missions that seemed pointlessly hard. And that final mission was a complete bitch (when sweet died when i was trying to catch him, having hit some block that i couldnt see coming i was about to punch myself in the face) but boy was it worth it. My life towards the end of finishing it became like that of an obsessive hermit but the elation of beating it after so many hours of playing was truly great.

The storyline is one of the best ive seen in a game. engrossing. believable. very funny, and with real depth. the characters are so well created, interesting and varied.

The real star of the game though, has to be the missions. the amount of variety and the number of times it brought a smile to my face as i couldnt believe what i was doing. Whether hijacking a harrier jumpjet to take out spy boats, riding on the back of a motorcycle to take out a maurauding truck straight out of terminator 2, cutting up redneck militiamen in a combine harvester, skydiving onto a drug dealers mansion with a bunch of triads, it was truly epic. so many people have individual memories of moments they construct with this limitless playset. everyones experiences seem different.

i was browsing the rockstar north website and theres a great description of a day in the life of a level/mission designer at rockstar. well worth a read.

so now i can finally get my life back together, have a wash, clean up and get on with things :)


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