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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sly 2 - Band of Thieves

Managed to finish off Sly 2 (on import, out in UK soon) over the weekend.I enjoyed the first one, but this really is an amazing achievement. The quality of the writing, the animation, the variety and the worlds that have been created is truly impressive. It feels a lot more like Mario Sunshine now, with a lot of re-exporation of a central hub, with a number of missions that re-use the same space for a variety of minigames. The characters have been really developed now, and have much more depth and a genuine closeness between them. All the characters are fully playable now, allowing for some really nice touches, such as the two stronger characters being captured, forcing Bentley, the little tortoise to overcome his fears and lack of confidence to rescue them, and sections showing other characters insecurities (such as Murray being a bit self-conscious of his weight problem!)

The humour is really well-woven into the storyline, and the minigames are really well developed. This is as close to an interactive cartoon as you're likely to find.


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