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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Day of culture....

Had a good day of culture yesterday. Recovering from Duncan's birthday party, went to see 2 Buster Keaton short movies at the Barbican, accompanied by a silent movie pianist. They were shown to promote the launch of This book. They really were phenomenal. Buster Keaton has a sense of comedic timing and physical comedy that outdoes almost anything you see on film or tv today. I guess the creative constraints of not being able to use sound means that the acting has to carry all the meaning, and in this case it does sensationally.

The second half was going to a talk at Resfest down at the NFT called "Film-Making And Gaming, Gaming And Film-Making". It featured the script-writer and sound director from The Getaway : Black Monday and part of the red vs blue team. Both talks were interesting but I was a bit disappointed that the getaway folks didnt speak a bit more about the process involved in creating interactive narrative as opposed to regular cinematic narrative. The main thrust seemed to be "we applied techniques from cinema to gaming" rather than attempting to create new methodologies. They briefly touched on the conflict between game designers and script writers (a conflict right at the heart of the challenges of interactive narrative) but sadly didnt go into much detail. Red vs blue were highly entertaining.


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